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What Support Can Hendon Brook Offer?

Hendon Brook Intervention Support Team 

At Hendon Brook we are aiming to ensure that schools continue to have access to advice to support the further development of internal school strategies and expertise to meet the needs of pupils who experience social, emotional and mental health issues in their setting; so supporting inclusion.

To this end the Hendon Brook Intervention Support Team are to continue to deliver high quality support based on the following approach –

Stage 1

A telephone consultation for gathering further information and discussing next steps.

Stage 2

A school visit (of up to half a day) to include –

  • An anonymous observation of the pupil in their school setting for approximately 30 to 40 minutes.
  • A meeting with S.E.N.C.O./F.S.W./Class Teacher/H.T./D.H.T. to obtain updates and scrutinise any relevant paperwork e.g. E.P. reports, I.B.P.’s, I.E.P.’s, any other agency reports etc.

A written report to identify needs, strategies and recommended next steps will be sent to school following the school visit. This will also include an analysis of a Boxall Profile to assess the different aspects of the developmental stages of the pupil and how this may inhibit or interfere with the pupil’s involvement in school.

Stage 3

In school support programme  based on the creation of an Inclusion Support Plan, to include –

  • An initial meeting with parents/carers and S.E.N.C.O./Class Teacher/H.T./D.H.T. to discuss the Inclusion Support Plan and the focus for the intervention support.
  • Dependent on the above the support programme may include in class support, direct work with the pupil, a session with the T.A. to develop identified strategies.

At the end of the support period the Inclusion Support Plan will be reviewed to include outcomes and recommendations.

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