Townhouse Road, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 8BP

Hendon Brook School

Summer Term


Summer 1

In the Summer Term we studied a topic of I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside; looking at the Titanic. We started off looking at stories with flashbacks and focused on the experience of a child on the Titanic, which inspired us to do some research into what happened when the Titanic sank. We wrote our own stories about the Titanic and drew pictures, which we displayed in our classrooms. We went on to look at a theme of discussion and debate for which we focused on animals in captivity. This work was fascinating and got us thinking about what is right when keeping animals in zoos or theme parks. We learnt a lot about Seaworld in Florida and how the orcas are kept there and used for entertainment purposes. Our class debate was very interesting and we did some excellent discussion work for this.

We learnt about electricity in Science, making circuits and lighting light bulbs.

In Maths we did work on division and fractions, gaining a better understanding of equivalent fractions.

Summer 2

For our last term at Hendon Brook we are looking forward to doing some work on transition. We will be planning and performing our end of year show, which we are looking forward to. We have some great ideas to make it a show to remember… We will be doing some self-study units about people and events we are interested in for our topic work. This will be an exciting and interesting term for us.