Townhouse Road, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 8BP

Hendon Brook School

Spring Term


Spring 1

What is a hero? This is a question we asked ourselves in the first half of Spring Term. It was interesting to discuss and then write about what a hero actually is and go beyond the realms of Marvel and DC to look at real life superheroes. This fed into a themed week about Health and Safety when we had visits from the Police, the Fire Brigade and St John’s Ambulance and learned about the work that they do. We learnt about the human body and food heroes as well.

Spring 2

We utilised out detective skills in Spring 2, finding a lost bag with contents which included an old mobile phone, a notebook with a name and a time written inside, a torch and other mysterious items. Using our detective skills we envisioned a scenario of who lost the bag and what each item in it meant. We also read a Saxby Smart book of detective stories to inform our own story writing. We explored written explanations and chose to write an explanation about Forest Schools; what it is and why it is important, which are displayed at Marsden Hall. We did some work about mysteries through history and discovered some fascinating facts about such things as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and the mystery of Atlantis.